Zeitgeist in Zigzag

Zeitgeist in Zigzag is an experimental writing and simple interactive media production project using humor , primarily sarcasm and parody, to position select conflicting aspects of often opposing modes of thinking and communication. This work is modeled on historical and modern forms of humor as found in the works of Mark Twain, Will Rogers, and Walt Kelly (the Pogo comic strips of the 1960s and 1970s), and others.

The defining spirit or mood of a particular period, esp. as reflected in the prevailing ideas, beliefs, and attitudes of the time; the social or cultural trends prevalent at a particular time.

A series of short lines inclined at angles in alternate directions; a line or course having sharp turns of this kind.

Satirists are parasites. They invade existing genres, media, and art forms and subsequently subvert them ‘from within’, by parodying them and by using them as a vehicle for performing social criticism… Satires ‘live’ on other cultural artifacts, in the sense that they appropriate the conventions and characteristic elements of their host media, and then use them for their own ends.”

Ivo Nieuwenhuis, The Power of Satire (emphasis added)

NOTES: Definitions from Oxford English Dictionary Online. Also, 19 and 26 points respectively in Scrabble®